The second Skin

Individualization down to the last detail

BootoxFilm is durable, colorfast and fade-resistant

BootoxFilm has an extremely high resistance to UV radiation and permanently seals all coated surfaces

BootoxFilm has a special adhesive and a thickness of 160 µ

Damaged areas can be quickly and easily repaired

The film does not have to be applied at a fixed location, meaning no need for long and expensive dry-docking periods

BootoxFilm is low-maintenance and can be machine polished

Used as an alternative to solvent-based paints, it reduces environmental impact

flexibly and individually tailored to each project

What more could you ask for?



Film instead of paint

BootoxFilm was developed by our Company. It has thickness 160 μ and a special adhesive that prevents it from shifting on contact. BootoxFilm is as strong and resistent as paint. Deep scratches are extremely easy to repair. The colour extends throughout the thickness of the material, and the film has a very high Surface hardness after tempering. As a result, scratches and fender scuffing can be polished out using our ceramic polish.

We offer customised solutions

Films of 75 m2 or more in size can be produced in any colour. BootoxFilm is a unique product that was specially developed for boats/yachts. It is twice as thick as films from 3M, Oracal, MacTac, Hexis and other brand manufacturers. Over the past 11 years, we have sealed more Tham 600 boats. The Bootox system is sustainable.

Our experience is our greatest asset.

The advantages are clear:

The UV stability of our film is many times higher than that of paint ( for example, dark grey guarantees 4 years of 100% colour stability and the Mediterranean region ). One key advantage of BootoxFilm is that, unlike paint, it will not crack if stress cracks form in the gelcoat beneath it. This prevents water from seeping into the material of the hull. The cracks beneath the film can be seen, but our Bootox Hybrid PVC stays intact. As a result, the damaged substrate remains sealed.

Take advantage of our expertise.



Our films can also be used on the upper hull and deck

On the 52 feet Belliure vessel, the real advantages are in the detail. We covered the entire upper deck with film. This could be done without lifting the boat from the water. As there was thus no need for expensive cranes an costly masking, the price for film adhesion was thus very competitive compared with varnishing. With our film, we converted the yellowed, dull surface into a brilliant white finish.



Extravagance through digital printing

A special printing technique and saltwater-proof, UV -resistant laminate make digital printing possible for boat hulls. Aa a result, the design possibilities are virtually endless. Whether you prefer a classic wood effect or an extravagant racing design for your boat - Bootox makes it possible. And all of this, of course, with Bootox's guaranteed high quality.

Exclusive design

We can have any color derided from 75 m2. The BootoxFilm is unique and specially developed for boats / yachts. It is twice strong as 3M, Oracal, MacTac, Hexis and other brand manufacturers. We have coated over 600 boats in the past  11 years. The Bootox system is sustainable.

Your boat should be worth it to you.



Stay cool!

Sunlight does not only affect the material of your boat, but also heats up the interior, even in yachts with air conditioning. Professional sun protection is the solution here. Another quite important benefit is improved privacy, as both the sun and curious eyes are kept out.

Optimal protection and a clear view

We can coat the windows of your helmstand with transparent, UV-blocking laminate in order to protect interior upholstery and wood surfaces from fading due to sunlight. Coated windows no longer need to be covered.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.



It's time for comfort!

You can also upgrade your boat's interior with a modern and high-quality look. Worn surfaces and discoloured woods are now a thing of the past. Shown here is an Elegance 72 whose interior has been completely refurbished.

The seemingly impossible was made possible. See for yourself.



Protect the existing finish, and preserve the value of your boat

Has your gelcoat recently been refurbished, or does your boat have a fresh coat of paint? By applying transparent Bootox PU film, all surfaces will be fully sealed and protected from scratching. Bootox PU is self-repairing and can be removed or replaced at any time with no residue. You now have the chance to protect the existing, well-preserved surfaces of your boat ( e.g. paints ) from weathering. The film will also prevent the gelcoat or painted surfaces from being worn down by the frequent polishing of scuffed areas.

Preserve the value of your boat!